Learn about our After Effects Animation Process on New Eden

2013-06-16 08:45:28 by NewEdenseries

Hey folks!

As you know, New Eden has now moved to Channel Flip's HuHa channel and along with episodes we've also releasing a series of Behind The Scenes videos as well.

Scripting & Storyboarding

Animatics & Animation

New Eden at MCM London Comic Con!



Brett Snelgrove
New Eden Co-Creator


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2013-06-16 08:53:26

Glad to see you here! I'll have to check them out here later.

NewEdenseries responds:

Cheers! We've got another two videos coming as well going 'Behind The Scenes'.

Any questions, let us know.



2013-06-16 11:22:29

Where did the idea of the series came from? What inspired you to make it?

NewEdenseries responds:

Good question. It came out of the initial gag/idea in the pilot of these two characters stranded on the planet together and grew from there. We were heavily influenced by things like Star Trek and Star Wars but wanted to make something that could stand on its own two feet without being a parody. And of course we grew up loving animation/cartoons. We still can't believe we get to make our own little cartoon. Check our website www.newedenseries.com if you're keen on finding out more info and cheers for the question!



2013-06-16 19:03:51

Actually, are you ever going to update your website now that you are with "HuHa!"?
Was a pleasant surprise when I was watching some videos on HuHa! and saw the New Eden webseries, would be great to see it places other than just YouTube.

NewEdenseries responds:

Hey. We keep the website pretty up-to-date with our latest episodes, extras and blog posts. Everything we post to YouTube you can find at newedenseries.com as well. Is there something in particular you're looking for but can't find?


2013-06-17 05:42:38

It wasn't showing me any of the videos before. It's working now!

NewEdenseries responds:

Ah great. That might have been the plug-in we use to show the videos. Sometimes it has a little brain fart but usually works itself out pretty quickly.