Six Web Animators To Watch

2012-09-25 05:30:40 by NewEdenseries

Hey Folks!

Over on our blog I've put together a post of six web animators I think you should be watching.

I've avoided the obvious choices and instead gone for indie animators who I think are producing consistently entertaining work and are worth your time checking out.

Read the blog posts here: Six Web Animators To Watch

It's all personal taste, so I'd love to hear what your recommendations are for online animators worth following.


Brett Snelgrove
New Eden Co-Creator

Six Web Animators To Watch


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2012-09-27 12:09:21

Spazkid, Twisted4000, Egoraptor, Oney, Psychicpebble and rtil


2012-09-27 12:13:05

Oh yeah, and definitely Zeurel.

NewEdenseries responds:

Cool. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out. Cheers!