New Eden needs your votes in NexTV Web Series Competition

2012-09-19 11:26:42 by NewEdenseries

Hey folks!

New Eden is in the running for the NexTV Web Series Competition and we need your votes!

NexTV is a great opportunity for us to get New Eden seen by some heavy-weights in the US TV industry and generally spread the word about our little web show.

All the deets are below. It's super simple and there's no registration required. If you have a second, myself and New Eden team would appreciate your support tots!


Here's how to vote:
1. Go to
2. Click on the tab on the top right of the page that says, "View Competition and Vote"
3. Type 'Brett Snelgrove' in the search bar on the right just above the list of submissions.
4. Click on WATCH (optional).
5. Click on VOTE.



Brett Snelgrove
New Eden Co-Creator

Btw ... the New Eden web series is coming. We've being looking over fan feedback and putting plans in place to move head, What this space!

New Eden needs your votes in NexTV Web Series Competition


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2012-09-19 20:08:07

I like it, the limb movement needs a touch up (Just Joints), maybe a few more frames of mouth animations for variety would be nice, but all in all I like it, It looks as though you were taking some classic animator shortcuts, yet you didn't take any of the obvious annoying routes, kudos man, you got my vote!

NewEdenseries responds:

Thanks for the feedback man and the vote, we appreciate the support :)