"Flies" - Our last New Eden Short is Up Up and Away!

2012-07-25 04:55:14 by NewEdenseries

Our fourth and final (for the moment) New Eden Short is now up:
New Eden Short - Flies

Some people have been wondering how we've managed to pump out these shorts so quickly. Well I'm sorry to say we're not animation whizzes nor do we have a sweat shop of animating elves at our disposal. The boring answer is that after we made the New Eden Pilot we spent another couple of months working up these shorts and waited until they were all completed before releasing them.

Flies Fun Fact: I'd like to bring special attention to the sound design, especially the sound effect for the little flying critters that Daniel Kelczynski did. If you listen with headphones you can hear the left to right panning and foregrounding and backgrounding of these critters. It's a simple technique but really effective in making the world and the creatures seem all that much more real.

That's your lot for the moment but I can tell you that we are currently finishing up a Facebook Game that we hope to release in early August and you'll be able to find via our New Eden Facebook Page.

Feel free to say hello on Twitter or check out our Tumblr where we post fun things we find online that tickle our fancy.

You can find out more about the New Eden Shorts via our creators' commentary on our website:
New Eden Shorts - Creators' Commentary

Brett Snelgrove
New Eden Co-Creator

New Eden - Trailer
New Eden - Pilot
New Eden Short - Mating Call
New Eden Short - Slappin' Slug
New Eden Short - Mummy
New Eden Short - Flies

P.S. We might be a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks but that is only because I'm heading off on holidays. I'll be checking in when I get back.

P.P.S. We'd love it if you'd help spread the word about New Eden, so if you have a favourite why not give it a shout out on Facebook or Twitter. Cheers!

"Flies" - Our last New Eden Short is Up Up and Away!


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2012-07-26 15:57:21

So when's the first episode going to arrive? Good work so far!

NewEdenseries responds:

New Eden is just a pilot episode at this stage. And while we may not be producing additional episodes in the immediate future, there's plenty of additional content to come! We've already released some extra shorts (check them out if you haven't already) and a trailer. We will also be launching a Facebook game VERY SOON! So stay tuned.